Launch of ImPPacto, independent evaluations

Since 2011, CIPPEC conducts independent and external evaluations of the impact, results, processes and design of government policies, plans and programs, as well as civil society organizations throughout the country.

Using intelligent methodological approaches, which seek the best analytical path based on existing data, we try to answer relevant questions for public policies and organizations: Are the objectives of plans and programs being achieved? Do they render the expected effects?, Is it possible to improve the results obtained ?, Is there a chance to improve how the policies are managed?

Thus, and within the framework of our campaign #EnelCongresoesPosible we launched ImPPacto, independent evaluations. ImPPActo is a bank of evaluations of different public policies and civil society organizations carried out by CIPPEC, which shows the learning and reflections on various initiatives throughout the national territory through the use of different methodologies.

ImPPacto is available online at and is updated on a constant basis. The bank contains a synthesis which summarizes the type of evaluation conducted, the policy sector, methods and findings to maximize their use among policy makers. In addition, evaluation reports will be available when possible.

We hope that this institutional effort will make a significant contribution to the consolidation of a national evaluation policy that will strengthen the national monitoring and evaluation system, create a National Evaluation Agency, develop capacities at the national and provincial levels and, of course, of more and better assessments to strengthen decision making based on quality data.

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